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Mailing address
Centro de Economia Aplicada - IBMEC-Minas Gerais (former known as: "Centro de Economia Aplicada e Estratégia Empresarial")
Rua Rio Grande do Norte, 300, 2o andar.
Belo Horizonte, MG - CEP: 30130-130, Brasil
Phone: (31) 3247-5757
E-mail:  claudiods at ibmecmg dot br
Fields of interest: (main) Public Choice, Incentives in Academy  (minor) Economics of Conflict, Economic History.

Activities as a Referee: Economics and Human Biology, Open Political Science Journal, Journal of Socio-Economics, International Studies Quarterly, Economia Aplicada, Análise Econômica, Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural, Informe Gepec, Economia, Planejamento e Políticas Públicas, Pesquisa e Planejamento Econômico, South African Journal of Economics.

Another homepages:  Claudio Shikida at Bepress, Academia.edu, Research Gate, Repec and Mendeley.
Selected Publications:

 living standards A chapter about Brazil written with Leo M. Monasterio and Luiz P. Noguerol was recently published in this amazing book. We are also happy to know that the book won the Jaume Vicens Vive award. The prize is granted by "Asociación Española de Historia Económica".


0. New notes about ARIMA in R. (Portuguese only)

1. New chapter in book - The Paraná's Law and Economic Association has a new book and I have a chapter there (Portuguese only). You can buy it here.

2. New chapters in a book - The chapters of microeconomics and macroeconomics of the new textbook of Law and Economics were written with Ari F. Araujo Jr). You can buy the book (Portuguese only) here.

3. A sample of my production:

a. Structural Breaks in Exchange Rate Regimes in Brazil. Economics Bulletin, v.31, n.2, p.1748-1756, 2011 (with Nogueira Jr., R.P. & Araujo Jr., Ari.)

 Efficiency of environmental NGOs in Brazil: do incentives matter? Applied Economics: Systematic Research, v. 4, n.1, 2010, p. 181-191. ISSN 1822-7996 (with Araujo Jr. A.F. and Melo, M.G.)

c. Military Expenditures, External Threats and Economic Growth. Economics Bulletin, v.16, n.16, Sep/2008. (with Araujo Jr. A.F.)

"Dê-me segurança ou lhe dou um não": em busca do eleitor mediano no referendo das armas - Revista Brasileira de Economia, v.61, n.4, 2007 - (with Araujo Jr, A.F, Gomes, F.A.R. & Salvato, M.A.).

e. "The international research of academic economists in Brazil: 1999-2006". Economia Aplicada. (with Araujo Jr. A.F. & Faria, J.R.),  vol.11, no.3, jul./set. 2007, p.387-406.

f. The Citation Pattern of Brazilian Economists  (with Araujo Jr, Ari F. and Faria, João R.) Estudos Econômicos, vol.37, n.1, 2007).

g. Public Vices, Private Serfdom? Comments on the Optimal Size of the Brazilian State
(with Araujo Jr, Ari F. and Hillbrecht, Ronald O.Brazilian Journal of Business Economics, v.5, n.2, 2005.

h. It is the economy, companheiro!": an empirical analysis of Lula's re-election based on municipal data. Economics Bulletin, v.29, n.2, p.977-992, 2009/ (with Araujo Jr., Ari F.; Carraro, A.; Monasterio, L.M. and Damé, O.M.)

* The new home of the Brazilian mirror site of EasyReg is now here.

* See here the new scientific articles by Claudio Shikida.

NEPOM (Center for Monetary Policy Studies) has a webpage. You will find there the dates of our public meetings and topics related to our economic analysis and studies. NEPOM is under my direction and is subordinated to CEA (former known as CEAEE - Center for Applied Economics and Entrepreneurial Strategy).

* "Public good" to those involved with stochastic frontier estimation: the table of the chi-squared mixed distribution critical values (for alfa = 0.05), with 25 degrees of freedom (by Claudio D. Shikida & Eduardo P. Ribeiro).

* My (famous) basic guide to EVIEWS. (In Portuguese) 

This page was highly inspired on this amazing webpage.